Pond Design and Construction

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Natural pond, planted pond, lilies etc with waterfall

ABOVE: Large Natural Pond and Waterfall


Expertise is essential in this specialist area and we are here to make sure the design is not only a highly attractive feature but also a practical design with the correct filtration and advice being supplied from the beginning.

Planting in the pond and on the margins is carried out with not only thought for the present aesthetics but what the pond will eventually evolve into overtime.
Any liners can be used from the standard Butyl and PVC to fibre glass and bentomat – depending on the type of pond being created.
Transparency from the beginning so our clients know exactly what is going on and when is very important to us and helps with peace of mind for both parties.
Estimates and Quotes are usually supplied with various options for the client to choose from with our recommendations and advice always available.

Transparent pricing and thoughtful design

Pond Design and construction

Ponds are priced individually depending on size and overall design. Call or email for a free no obligation quote.

  • Discounts are available for:
  • Registered charities
  • Educational institutions
  • OAP’s  

Pond and Water Feature Renovation and Repair

We will happily quote to renovate and repair existing ponds and water features. We have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to renovate fine Victorian water features and fountains in previous jobs. Typically we tend to reline and repair ponds, water features and waterfalls etc.


Pond construction

Remedial Work

We get involved with a lot of remedial work, fixing and improving problematic designs and installations.