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Enjoying a few pints of Sussex ale in a pub local to me, I am having a conversation with Howard Venters about the intricacies of wool, the politics and trade. When I mentioned to him I write in various marine biology and fish farming magazines; he mentioned about writing an article about the application of wool in my field of work. Initially I was a bit dubious about writing in a publication in a world so far from mine, but Howard’s enthusiasm for wool is infectious – as is the way when talking to people about most subjects when they are passionate about their trade or subject. So I began researching the use of wool in my trade – fish farming and fishery management. The world of wool, sheep and land-based animals is something I have little knowledge or experience. In fact the only experience I have had with sheep is the time a particularly boisterous domesticated ram butted me as I repaired a fence for The National Trust!

Q+A Temperature Problems

Temperature Problems

Hi, I'm a subscriber to your magazine and new to the hobby.

I have real difficulty in keeping a stable temperature I mean it can swing
from 23oc to 27oc, everything is fine In my tank. Is this a major problem
and is there anything I can do to keep it more stable , I've tried turning
my heater down, put my central heating higher and lower , I'm lost at what
else to do?

Hello Ben

Good to see new people taking up the hobby; hope you are enjoying it so far.

Q+A - Cyanobacteria, algae problem

Help I'm plagued with Cyanobacteria, I have a Fluval Venezia 190, I have a fluval 405 filter running with h2ocean nutri-fix NP 120 ml, fluval biomix & ehiem bio mech, together with a TMC Vectron 200, V2 ozone (lowest setting every three hours) & a hydor slimskim nano 135-35. Two hydor koralia 2200 circulation pumps,

I have 1 aquaray reef blue running from 10:30 until 22:00 and two, 2 foot T5 marine white's running. Soon to be replaced by 3 aqua ray LED lighting 1 reef blue, 1 marine white & 1 Fiji blue.

Q+A - Algae - fighting fire with fire

“I am told that I can fight bad algae by introducing good algae via a refugium/sump ... but how much do I need? For example, if I was to add cheato to my sump and light it in reverse to my display tank, would this work and how do I know how much cheato I need to buy? Thanks, Sean Richards, Somerset.”

Dear Sean

Reading between the lines I am going to make the assumption that you are asking a direct question about this particular form of algae control because you are struggling with keeping the amount of algae to an acceptable level.