Consultancy and Advice

Fish Health and Welfare

Fish health and welfare is our top priority, consultation is available for all aspects of fishkeeping including aesthetic improvements such as reducing algae, improving plant life etc.

Offering solutions through:

  • Water Testing
  • Microscopy
  • Bacteriology - identifying species specific bacteria in a population of animals.
  • Virology - PCR and Elisha testing arranged.


Project Management


Landscape gardeners and designers:
We have been very fortunate to work with some fine landscape gardeners to bring their designs to life through our extensive knowledge of filtration, pumps and pond design and construction. We are always keen to hear from Landscape gardeners that require specialist knowledge in the aquatic regions.

Ponds – Offering advice on all aspects of a healthy pond including fish health and aesthetics.

Lakes – Offering advice on all aspects of a healthy lake including:
 Fish health and welfare
 Promoting a healthy invertebrate population in and around lake.
 Improving commercial viability of angling
 Solutions for problems associated with intensive angling.
 Management of populations and population surveys
 Sensible and practical management of floral growth, within the lake and riparian  zones.

Other services available please call to discuss.