About Us

The first contracts from 2001 were maintaining aquariums and installation. As experience grew pond maintenance gradually built up and design work started coming in. Training in microscopy enabled accurate diagnosis of fish diseases and water quality testing at a high level of competence. Pond construction was the next natural step for the company to take and proved very popular through recommendations from local shops.
The company has organically grown a reputation built on fish health and welfare first, excellent customer service and after sales and pride in any work carried out from small private contracts up to the highest level of business including large landscaping and lake renovation and construction.

  • Consultancy is a key element of the business at present, providing solutions and labour for all aspects of aquatic problems, including:
  • Fish disease diagnosis
  • Filtration design for obtaining the best possible water quality from the area available.
  • Affordable maintenance contracts for ponds and aquariums are available.
  • Pond Construction / Design
  • Aquarium installation for homes and business
  • Aquarium / fish tank construction
  • Staff training in maximising systems and sales for ornamental retail outlets.